Character Drawing

Some drawings I inked the past few days. I’ve been trying to develop character sketches for my novel. What do you think of the red head for my main character? Read the passage below and tell me what you think. The top drawing is for another character’s mother and the pirate lady was just for fun!

It had to be four in the morning when I woke up to a faint beep. I was fully clothed and sweating from dreams about being hospitalized. I remembered a white coat and a cold surface but the details were fading rapidly. The monitor had gone into sleep mode and dulled the illumination. When I concenrated on the wall across from my bed it lit up the entire room. Blinded for a few seconds, I couldn’t make out the name that was contacting me. My eyes adjusted and I saw: CHURCH-FRONT: “Luck, I made it! Let me in?”

“How did you get here!?” I whispered loudly into Rome’s ear muffled in the mess of my walk-in closet. I could see him hazily by the illumination of my moon night light. He was inches taller than me with dark features. He pulled me close, he was completely frozen. “I’ve been running for months. The elders found me with the tablet and banished me for communicating with you. They had been spying on me, thought I was acting weird they said.” Roman let go of my arm and slid down to the carpet. “You are so beautiful Luck. You never described your looks.

I was, for the first time, aware of my appearance. It had been such a feat getting Rome into the house undetected by my father. I looked down at my back tank-top. I was sweating so much earlier I must have pulled my sweater off when I was sleeping. I also wore boxer shorts with little birthday cakes sprinkled across them.

Definitely not how I imagined looking meeting ROMAF12. I tried to smooth my mop of hair as I sat beside him. “I’m glad you made it Rome. I missed–” my throat went dry, “I usually don’t look such a mess. I’ve been worried,” without much of a pause for response I blurted, “I’m failing all my classes.” This was not the conversation I wanted to be having with the guy I’d been daydreaming about for over two years. I felt ashamed that he had come all this way and all I had done was sit around feeling miserable, worrying my poor father, ruining my future.

“It’s OK Luck. You don’t have to be afraid. I can take you back with me. You can explain these machines better. I know they could help us if they would just listen.” I was amazed by him. Was he coming to rescue me? That didn’t happen in Comnet, it happened in fairy-tales.

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