On Giving Thanks and Dark Fridays AND Losing Posts

Just another blog entry EATEN by WORDPRESS.

I would be thankful if WP didn’t eat my best entries before I got a chance to copy and paste them in a backup file. If WORDPRESS wasn’t so ravenous to eat my words you would be reading a delightful and insightful entry about the meaning of the holidays and the insanity of Black Friday. I am very sad that these words have disappeared forever, cast into the oblivion we know as the internet…

I said something of the hypocrisy of giving thanks and then going out to indulge on consumer goods that never last or bring lasting happiness.

Alas, these kinds of rants don’t come a second time but at least for one brief moment I was able to express myself. Now, instead of working on that novel (writing something as good as what was just erased gave me excitement to continue) I might turn the light off and try to forget this useless day by falling back asleep. Losing these words makes this blackest of Fridays all the more empty :(


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