Winner–Partially Before We Died (Novel)

I did it! 50596 words in 30 days…

Look for a polished up version for your reading pleasure coming very soon! Interesting entries are on the horizon for BLASTEDGOAT!

Afterword– (A brief history of the evolution and cultivation of my first novel)

Though my novel is in the early stages of editing I want you all to know how accomplished I feel. If you are reading this then you are either on one of my multiple webblogs which I dedicated space for my novel to. If you are unfamiliar with National Novel Writing Month which occurs annually in November then I will tout this story as a successful completion of that contest. It is more of a contest with yourself on staying on top of your story and writing until your fingers nearly fall off. This novel or something resembling it has been plaguing my mind for quite some time. It is the combination of all the great books I’ve read, every perception I’ve experienced with a healthy dose of social criticism. Not much beyond that has been decided. The story will include historical plots and contemporary themes. I heard of NANOWRIMO when I was still in college but never seemed to have the time to participate. It has been a rewarding and informative experience and one I hope you have for yourself in the years to come.

I was always fascinated with the news and the events that happened around me. I interpreted my surroundings much like a movie director. Some of my earliest memories of consciousness were me questioning the monologue that was my inner thoughts. As we grow sometimes those monologues grow dusty and distant from us. Until recently I had never seen a full episode of The Wonder Years and I was struck by its ability to hold me in with the plot and characters. I am a photographer and amateur artist but my path always seemed set on writing. I would like anyone who reads this to know that no matter what happens, what does or does not become of this particular story the fact that I was able to spit it out, somewhat eloquently proves that I have what it takes to finish a lengthy work of fiction. Thank you from the bottom of my WordPad document and the happy trigger finger I developed in the hashing out of this draft. The fun begins next, seeing what stays and what goes, if the book sticks like glue or just to the bottom of a pile of other unpublishables. We’ll see, here’s to the future.

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