December Goodies!

I’m planning many projects for this shivery month of December.

I have to get gifts on an unemployed person’s budget ($0) and do holiday baking/cooking… Somewhere in there I am going to teach myself to draw (better) and make illustrations for my novel chapters/cover.

If I can get it together I am going to karaoke my heart/your ears off thanks to fellow YouTuber and brat-master, David Randall Curtis.

If I’m still bored and without a job I guess I’ll just snap pictures of Christmas lights and falling snow.

A busy winter ahead…

We haven’t had any significant snow so far this year but if these photos from last year are any indication we are in for it any time now… brr.

  • I will make/photograph some recipes/treats for you to try out at home.
  • I will take hundreds of photos of various Iowa winter activities (sledding, freezing to death, watching ice crystals form on all the windows, fog breaths)
  • I will demonstrate/suggest unique and homemade gift ideas for the holiday season.
  • I will pass out after the completion of my 50,000 word novel until it is time to edit it in a few short weeks.



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