Jack White, Kurt Cobain and Hunter S. Thompson [Video/Rant]

This is a tribute to three of my favorite people. More of the sort to come… this is from a few years back it would be fun to update now that Jack and Meg are splitsville :( Can’t believe I just typed “splitsville” haha my penance will be blistering my wrists editing more videos than you can watch over your holiday break. Oh, behave. I’ve got something new on the way soon…

Who are your idols? Are you a fan of Jack, Kurt or Hunter? All three?

Here are some articles about/in the style of Thompson I did when I was in college:

The Kentucky Derby is STILL Decadent and Depraved!

Graphic Illustration

Never Apologize, Never Explain

A Much Stranger Saga

I will add more content relating to one or all of these guys soon and be sure to link it here :)


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