Holiday Make List

A list of ideas for handmade/cost effective gifts this holiday season. I will link to each project’s page here once it’s completed with photos and/or instructions.

My first project is a knitted wallet/cell phone/device holder. Zach made the knitted piece of material and it was in our knitting bag as a scrap for the longest time. I took a needle and thread to it and added a button. I might keep this little guy for me but it got me in the mood to make things for my friends and family members this Christmas.

Gift ideas

Photo collages

Photo Calendars


Knitted bags/cases

Knitted scarves/hats

Make your own holiday cards from recycled materials

Noise-makers/drums/instruments for kids


Miniature jam/jelly jars

Fruit tarts/pastries



Mixed goodie baskets

Re-gift/Dollar/Thrift store finds

$1 yarn at Dollar Tree stores (make $1-$3 scarfs/other knitted or crocheted items)


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