Ron Paul in Iowa

I attended the talk given by Ron Paul at the University of Northern Iowa and was impressed with the length and depth of the issues he covered. Some topics concerned young people but the talk was geared toward the problems facing society as a whole. Dr. Paul said he would start by returning to the government guaranteed by our United States Constitution, copies of which were available on the sign-in table.

The talk was very uplifting but warned us what the consequences would be if our generation could not succeed in fishing our country out of the deep end. Ron Paul is popular among the young and seems very popular in the towns I live and drive in daily. I see only yard signs for him, no Newts, Cains, San-whatem’s or any of those other fundamentalist lunatics.

or if you prefer to watch it on YouTube:




Video/audio/photos by blastedgoat

Additional photos from Flickr:

My roommate and I changed our voter registration to republican. I don’t think he has ever voted and I voted democratic in the few elections I participated in. My boyfriend already switched from libertarian to republican at the Iowa DOT (Department of Transportation)

Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa

“In the latest ABC News / Washington post poll, Paul is tied with Mitt Romney for second place in the state.

Paul has visited the Hawkeye State more than 50 times since he declared his candidacy – and this week he kept up a grueling schedule of town hall meetings, media interviews and college rallies.

Paul explained his non-interventionist foreign policy to a packed rally of more than 1,000 mostly young people at Iowa State University on Thursday night.

The 12-term congressman has long done well with college students and drew another 700 mostly college students the following night at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.”


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