Knitmas Gifts

Finally! Here’s that knitting post I promised…

I used Tidal Pool, Cocoa and Mahogany (Caron Dazzleaire yarn 80% acrylic 20% nylon) for the short/wider scarf. I knitted 17 across and went until I mostly ran out of yarn, reserving some for the fringe.

I lost the names of the yarn in the other scarf but it was the same brand, light purple and medium pink. *I found the labels and the shades are Thistle and Summer Rose. I made this scarf smaller across but longer so I knitted 15 across and went until the scarf hit the bottom of my hip.

These are my first full scarfs and fully knitted projects! I will add more with better instructions in the future. Let me know if you want me to do a knitting tutorial. I don’t promise I do it right I just manage to do it! My friends were pleased that I could customize a scarf to their color preferences and personalities.

If you want to purchase a personalized scarf or item (perhaps after I master a few more skills) let me know and I will be very reasonable. I would love to get practice and support myself somewhat through art.

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