How to Draw the Holidays [VIDEO]

A little update about my progress so far in December and a little rant about holidays. To be continued in another video :)


I will study up, practice and edit said novel this month and next month will begin crafting my dream book! I will probably make a few copies by hand but am looking into other self and web publishing offers. Before I start this project I think you should know a bit more about my lifelong love affair with writing novels and attempting to illustrate them…

I’m just ready to kick this novel to the next level. I want a brilliant plot, believable action and character interactions, the ageless quality of a bedtime story mixed with an awe-inspiring vision of future events and technology. I want to incorporate my fondness for Japanese animation and my love of animation in general by studying the schools of illustration and cartooning.

I have a comic style drawing book, Mr. Crilly’s YouTube channel and decades of my favorite characters to examine and borrow from. I want anyone who looks at my novel (printed or e-format) and see hauntingly beautiful full color illustrations. So far my goal is to create my three main characters (Lucky, Roman and Roxy) and maybe a few secondary (the main character’s parents, young Dr. Howe, old Dr. Howe and the elders) as for background I will place these characters in the structured, metallic, futuristic districts, in the wild, colorful woods or in desolate wastelands of uninhabited modern cities and small towns…

I’m learning to draw (better) in one month, hopefully! Join me in drawing or making art each day next month and tag your posts DRAWADAYJAN2012 to start a new trend with me or just do what you do and wish my left hand much needed luck!

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