Later, 2011!

It has been a year of sitting, wishing and waiting… learning new skills and losing some smelly old friends. All in all it was a good one and full of life. Let’s hope this time next year we will be saying the same thing about 2012… If we all get blown to smithereens next December I guess that will be the end of good old blastedgoat. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Stop by next year and check out all the stuff I’ll be doing!

January–A drawing-a-day

February–Songwriters workshop/first planting

March–Final novel editing

April–Publish and distribute first novel/transplant garden

May–Photography focus

June–Send out work and look for jobs

July–Camp and write

August–Make delicious food with ingredients grown in my own garden!


October–Make costume/begin winter knitting projects

November–More food, a second novel?

December–We meet again, do this silly list, tell everyone what we learned this year…

I learned life will keep changing and it isn’t always easy. Most times it is sad or difficult or makes you afraid of what’s next but without the anxiety of loss and betrayal, friendship and experience would be far less thrilling.

Join me next year, right here for more from the blasted old goat!

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