Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Eldy!

I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Eldy! I have just received this award from Eldy Thank you so much! Rules: 1. Select six blogs to receive this award 2. Share ten things that your readers don’t know about you. I would love to pass this award on to these blogs but please remember […]

Learning to Draw a Girl Head to Toe, Thanks to Mark Crilley!

I’ve been obsessively watching YouTube how-to-draw videos by various artists but one of my favorites is Mark Crilley. Not only is he talented but he is generous and really loves and tries to please his fans. If that wasn’t enough he is funny (in a slightly goofy way) but approaches each video with enthusiasm and […]

Originally posted on monochrome jade thoughts:
Dry leaves engulf flames signal sin miles away… Magma melts tangled roots leaves empty hallways hallowed veins wait to be full… My lips melt wax crimson beads unbutton a curved spine… Asylum eyed girl sits across a mirror making crisscrossed exes over hallow eyes, shallowly smiling…


This page tells you who is voting for and against (or leaning against) the SOPA/PIPA legislation: After being harassed (or rather petitioned by his fellow Iowans online and on the phone) Chuck Grassley switched sides on the controversial SOPA/PIPA situation. I blogged about this the other day after blacking this blog out in protest […]

SOPA/PIPA Blackout Coverage by BLASTEDGOAT

On Wednesday January 18 2012 I joined many webmasters and mistresses (does anyone use those archaic titles on the inter-webs anymore?) in blacking out my blog blastedgoat in protest of censorship proposed in the SOPA and PIPA bills. I signed the reddit/PCCC petition to Congress… PETITION TO CONGRESS: Don’t let big corporations use lobbyists and […]

Childhood Media Influence Mash-Up Alice in Wonderland with NIN and Other Classic Videos From BG

This is a mash up of clips that influenced me as a kid. I loved Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas and many other strange stories and films. Below is a poem I wrote and set to a short film of myself hanging out in my old apartment with Ginger who is no longer […]