This page tells you who is voting for and against (or leaning against) the SOPA/PIPA legislation:

After being harassed (or rather petitioned by his fellow Iowans online and on the phone) Chuck Grassley switched sides on the controversial SOPA/PIPA situation. I blogged about this the other day after blacking this blog out in protest along with web giants Wikipedia, Craigslist…

Google also censored its logo and many others placed banners on their blogs or signed petitions to keep the internet airwaves safe and free from over-regulation and the petty counterfeit and copyright claims of the overindulged, over-payed Hollywood movie and corporate music industries.

Well, this week Chuck got hacked. Not an action I would take or condone but an action that I chuckled at. I had to see what old Chuck was up to again andwas genuinely shocked he changed his mind after so many people threatened to passionately campaign against him if he backed these botched bills.

Just thought you would like to know about the success we had petitioning our local representatives. If Americans were more enthusiastic about being involved with the running of their own country rather than voting for the next American Idol we might just have fewer idiots running around with plastic Chinese scissors stuck up their snotty noses, with half-eaten Big Macs and $5 McMoca Rip-Offs dribbled down enormous double-mortgaged chins.


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