Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus [blastedgoat comments]

Yeah, I was really nerdy as a kid. You might be thinking “blastedgoat is not hot” but when you see pictures of me growing up you realize that I am pretty hot for me… at least compared to that.

I’m twenty five and I think I get slightly better looking and thinner as the years go on but unfortunately I frequently wonder if that is a reversing trend… Maybe just a bout of adult onset acne and a slightly more food and less walking filled beginning of winter… Yeah, we’ll go with that.

I’m listening to songs I used to adore on YouTube. I used to adore these songs and bands when I was a yeah, I’ll say it. Christian. I was fundamental as fuck. I didn’t even say fuck. I wouldn’t even say ass or piss. Well look at me now mutherfuckers, ass piss, ass piss!!

If any Christian followed exactly what Jesus taught they would love the poor, all sinners and walk around drinking wine getting their feet cleaned with prostitute hair… oh yeah and they would be JEWISH! Be good, you don’t need a “sacrifice” to enter an imaginary state of mind called Heaven… you just have to use a little common sense and relax. If there is a “God” it put us here to learn and grow and not just about someone who lived 2,000 years ago.

That is what I would tell me about ten years ago… that is what I told a total stranger (and ass) on YouTube this morning.

Have you seen this fucking video?

Oops, comments are disabled now, guess this little poet can’t handle the truth!

If anyone is interested I can write an entry about my life growing up in a Baptist church in Iowa. I don’t call myself anything now, mostly because I majored in English and realize that words mean little. They only mean something because we have socially constructed them to. I choose to embrace nature and art and have opened my mind to all religion and none. The only ultimate truth I subscribe to is the fact that I am human. I can guess at what came before and what might follow me but living in this moment is what any god or universe would wish of me for our perception is limited from instant to instant and then–who knows? We’re gone.


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