Learning to Draw a Girl Head to Toe, Thanks to Mark Crilley!

I’ve been obsessively watching YouTube how-to-draw videos by various artists but one of my favorites is Mark Crilley. Not only is he talented but he is generous and really loves and tries to please his fans. If that wasn’t enough he is funny (in a slightly goofy way) but approaches each video with enthusiasm and astounding technical skill. It is interesting to watch the progression of his videos. Now, he does his own music and the video quality is very good but throughout all Crilley videos there are helpful suggestions and a down to earth guy who tries to explain his craft to clueless amateurs like myself! I really want his new manga drawing guide–it looks like one of the best drawing books out there and goes beyond manga characters. The best thing is that Mark Crilley is prolific, he not only makes web videos, he has also published two manga series and provies valuable information for anyone interested in writing or drawing comics.

I saw an interview where he talked about important moments in his life as an artist. I love how his style emerged organically from his lifestyle and experiences. He serves as a bridge between classical American cartoons and the faraway world of anime and manga. He is as reliable as one can expect from a busy, published writer but he always seems to be back again real soon with another video or project to share :)

I was inspired to illustrate for myself after finding willing teachers like Mr. Crilley and have been soaking up all the free know-how I can online! Check out Mark’s latest original video about drawing shoes for male and female characters:

I’m not even close to being good enough to do my final artwork for my novel but I thought it would be fun to post a few “learning” drawings and then come back to draw them again in a few months to show my improvement! Join along if you are interested and start doing your drawing-a-day in January! It is amazing what you will learn from each drawing. I am figuring out what materials I like and the techniques that work best for the effects I want. I don’t have a scanner so learning to capture the drawings is another interesting challenge!

Keep checking back for more (bad) drawings by blastedgoat and feel free to link to your own attempts at feet or any of Mark Crilley’s subjects. I would like to thank him and all other artists that take the time to teach others. I enjoy picking my professors and seeing how each person approaches their craft differently.

Who is your favorite artist/how-to-draw expert? Do you draw yourself and if so, what do you draw?

Again, feel free to submit those pictures and links so we can all get encouragement and improve our drawing skills! Now, I better get back to the drawing board… which is in the exact same spot as my writing desk :D

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