Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Eldy!

I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Eldy!

BG got the Kreativ Blogger Award, Thanks Eldy!

I have just received this award from Eldy

Thank you so much!


1. Select six blogs to receive this award
2. Share ten things that your readers don’t know about you.

I would love to pass this award on to these blogs but please remember there is no obligation for others to do so. I so enjoy your blogs and wish to thank you for sharing and dropping by my blog too…

Through the Lens

The World, Through My Viewfinder

I’m blown away whenever I click on this photoblog. These shots demonstrate a level I aim to strive to attain. I really enjoy learning how others take pictures and the equipment they use to do it!

Wicked Dark Photography

Really neat shots from a photographer that lets the images speak for themselves and always delivers large, high qualities views from just outside of civilization.

just me & my dad

Two takes on a weekly theme. Side by side photos from a father and daughter duo known as claire and dad.

Think Free or Die

The Official Site of Davis Trace

Interesting thoughts from an interesting guy.

Emad’s Photo Blog

Photography Blog by Emad Islam

A very nice person who often comments on my posts. I enjoy the images and poems that Emad posts and the layout he uses is always fun because the colors change with the image. I am seeing a trend with photo blogs, eh? Well, last but not least…

Perugian Persuasions

This is a travel blog by a fellow I had a class with at the University of Northern Iowa. I’m inspired by those who travel and would like to do the same someday. For now, I will live vicariously through their posts until I make it there myself! This student traveler is such a nice person and just wrote a very impressive entry about his experience in Italy.

BLASTEDGOAT readers might not know…

1. I was a 3rd shift summer donut fryer in college at a place called Fresh Beginnings which always sounded more like a rehab center than a bakery…

2. I worked at a place called Happy Chef which is now closed and about to be torn down. Many old men called me Nancy instead of Mandy but when I corrected them they would sing that Barry Manilow song to me over fried eggs, toast and coffee. Quite the job for an 18 year old!

3. I eat mustard on anything and everything: eggs, potatoes, sandwiches, hamburgers… I’ve even (in a moment of limited food supply) slathered a little mustard on a mayo-less tuna fish sandwich or dipped a kosher pickle in this wonderful, yellow condiment. However, I’m picky about when I use ketchup. I rarely do unless it’s administered at a restaurant or If I’m making meatloaf or maid rites.

4. I love cats but you probably already knew that… however, did you know that I will frequently meow or reow at people for no good reason? Yeah, I suppose that one is slightly insane and perhaps a little too much info, sorry about that!

5. I drink Dr. Pepper. Religiously.

6. Waffles are usually better than pancakes. Either way I don’t mind getting blueberries or syrup involved! I adore breakfast foods from toaster pastries to breakfast potatoes to scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice… *runs to the kitchen*

7. I like unlucky and odd numbers. This is because I have OCD and I like to count and do strange, repetitive things.

8. George Carlin and Bill Hicks are my comic heroes. I want to be a comedian (of sorts) because they are truly modern philosophers. Please check out my upcoming post about great comedy routines/stand up philosophies that I plan to roll out in the coming weeks. I need all the laughter I can get, even if most of my favorites are on the cynical/dark side.

9. There were many more blogs I wanted to give this award to but I chose those who made me think creativity. I will be grateful if any of the selected bloggers take this award because I know how exciting it was to receive this, my first blogging award, ever!

10. This has inspired me to make personalized awards… I will let you know how that goes right here in good old number ten once I hit Picnik and the blastedgoat photography archives!


4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Eldy!

  1. The sites you have nominated are gems. I suspected from your blog that you were an interesting person…from these shared ten other tidbits I know for sure. Thank you for sharing.


    • No, thank you! I enjoyed your picks for the award as well. It is always nice to be appreciated, even if only on our blogs lol! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ramble about myself and share some of the great blogs I like to visit :D


    • Thank you I was so excited! Can’t wait to make one of my own. I loved when that craze came out for individual webpage developers, guess it just took me a while to come across it in the blogging world! I loved your blog btw!



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