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I was picniking again before the site shuts down in April. Here is what I made for any of my followers to give out to their favorite blogs :) I know I will be passing out some of these awards I’ve been making because I have been adding new, amazing blogs to my follow list […]

All food was made and photographed by blastedgoat! What recipes would you like me to make and take a photoshoot with? Give me ideas in the comments and check out my food section for more deliciously decadent and sometimes healthy foodtography!

I found this colorful character on a walk behind my mum’s house! I am fascinated with the colors of small bugs… The best part is when creatures like this transform into beautiful flying insects. We live in such a beautiful, colorful world! Thanks to for weekly inspirational prompts!

Here are cupcakes, graveyards, my face… photos I took this month but that didn’t fit into any of the posts so far. Look for these topics and more to be covered again this month… and the next… and the next. You get the picture. I am in this for the long haul. In fact, I […]

I just discovered this awesome little PhotoHunt and thought it would be a fun way to get more posts in. This challenge is on Saturday so now that means I get Weekly Photo Challenge on Friday, PhotoHunt on Saturday and Sunday Post on Sunday (or any day I can get to them throughout the week!) […]

Here is the second series of photographs from Fairview Cemetery. These were taken between noon and two in the afternoon today, enjoy!   Goodnight, sweet angels!  

Going down the slide stairs at Exchange Park… I came to this park all the time with my mom and brother when I was young and even had a combined graduation “open house” at one of the shelters with my best friend. I just drove through Exchange today after taking photos in nearby Fairview Cemetery. […]

I loved seeing The Dead Weather in Colorado but I’m still torn apart that The White Stripes cancelled their show in Chicago in 2007… That was the first time I had money, time and transportation to go to their concert. I still have the tickets! I was a fan for over ten years when they […]

I always thought this tree looked grumpy… or tired… come to think of it, this tree looks like I’ve felt the last few days… blast these insane headaches! I feel a bit better now so watch out for my weekly photo post and all the other goodies I’ve been promising you :D

There is a new weekly challenge that was created by Jake at He made a neat graphic for participants and will offer a new theme every Sunday. Here’s my first entry, a little bit late but full of love! I love taking photos of my feet to remind myself where I’ve stood. I love […]

I took these shots on a little walk around Exchange Park and nearby Fairview Cemetery late this afternoon…  Some pretty neat results! All respect to those names and graves I captured. I used to go to the cemetery as a child and ride my bike down the large hills with my childhood best friend. We […]

1. The Colorful Girl (inspired by Mark Crilley innocent girl drawing) 2. Cat Trio (Wasabi, Kikkoman, Trouble, abstract) 3. Halfway Filled in Girl (inspired by Mark Crilley male/female shoe tutorial) 4. Grey Cat (Kikkoman, life drawing) 5. Purple Mountain Tunnel Man (abstract/perspective study) 6. Thinking Girl Outline (inspired by Mark Crilley sitting pose, unfinished*) 7. […]

Angie baked these hammer and saw shaped sugar cookies for me to frost for her brother’s birthday and they went quick! We will definitely be making these again! It was easy for me (she bought three cans of $1 frosting in white, blue and red) all I did was add other colors and use her […]


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