Picture Perfect Blogger

For photography sites or those bloggers who utilize great original images and have a visually pleasing layouts or articles.

If you are sent this link it means you have caught my eye. Please feel free to place one of the following images on your page with a link back to this page so everyone can check out some amazing blogs!

This page is in progress. I will be adding blogs and websites that meet the requirements but they are also free to give out as my viewers see fit!

All the awards I make will be free to use. They each use my original photography and the currently free premium version of Picnik (try it before it goes away for good!)

So, more free awards to give out later this week and sites added to each of them? Yes!

Onto the images! I posted them in .jpg and .png (most common file types I’ve noticed in blogging) please let me know if you need a specific format and I may be able to help you. I’ve also made a full-color and black & white version of this award. (I was thinking some great photo-blogs might be mostly in b&w!)




Link the image you like best or make a text link back to this page labeled “Picture Perfect Blogger Award” or something similar.


Thanks for helping BG support talented web photographers and designers!

As always, protect the work of fellow creators by respecting fair use and creative commons where applicable. If in doubt, ask someone the proper way to use a clip, piece of music or image. We all are in this learning process together and photographers often get little credit for their work.

Giving and displaying this award shows your support of original designers, photographers, programmers or illustrators. ANYthing you find beautiful or inspiration is covered under this award. Spread the word, or the graphic I suppose  :D

8 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Blogger

  1. Feel free to leave your link or the link/s you nominated in the comments! Let me know what you think of the award images because I’m going to be making more and would for there to be a little something for everybody’s taste/need. Happy blogging :)



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