Naturally Creative, Simple Living, Rooted Blogger Awards

Simple Living Award

For anyone who teaches others to live simply. Environmental and organic blogs would work wonderfully for this award but feel free to use it where you see fit :)


The Rooted Blogger

For anyone who enjoys posting about trees or nature in general. A big plus if the blogger delves into deep subjects or influences their readers to grow on some level. This can be used for any blogger who posts regularly and has been at it for a while. Maybe you stop by all the time and notice this person gets little praise for always being there, providing strong content and ideas that make you grow on a personal level. Show them you are listening and that their seeds have taken root with one of these awards in .jpg and .png!


Naturally Creative

A badge for any well loved photo-blog, arts & crafts tutorial or simply for those who promote creative activities or discuss or cultivate literature and art that deals with the natural world. If there is interest in this award I will make more buttons!


More Awards?

Look for more awards in the future. Let me know if there is an award you would like to see or a style/size you like the best! Feel free to add your links and which award you have nominated them for in the comments. Take one for your blog if it fits and leave your link as well :D

I’m glad to know many talented people! This is a great way to show my appreciation while learning to make graphics. I’m thinking of making more types and will be testing them around BG. Thanks for reading and remember to keep up that blogging! You never know when you will be the one to inspire a new batch of ideas :)

LINK these awards back to this page:



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