Final Drawing Count! Draw-A-Day-in-January 2012 [UPDATED!]

1. The Colorful Girl (inspired by Mark Crilley innocent girl drawing)

2. Cat Trio (Wasabi, Kikkoman, Trouble, abstract)

3. Halfway Filled in Girl (inspired by Mark Crilley male/female shoe tutorial)

4. Grey Cat (Kikkoman, life drawing)

5. Purple Mountain Tunnel Man (abstract/perspective study)

6. Thinking Girl Outline (inspired by Mark Crilley sitting pose, unfinished*)

7. Blue Scope Eye (Doodle with markers and crayon)

8. Manga Couple Kiss (inspired by Mark Crilley kiss tutorial)

9. Crazy Owl (Doodle with pen and colored pencil)

10. Creepy Old Girl (ancient high school drawing in pencil)

11. Wasabi & Kikkoman Cartoon (Doodle in marker)

12. Sleepy Town Girl (Sketch in pencil)

13. Ginger Fish Cartoon (Doodle with pen)

14. Wasabi Princess (Doodle with pen)

15. Trouble Fish Cartoon (Doodle with pen)

16. Kikkoman Monster Cartoon (Doodle in pen)

17. Hello Trouble (previously cartooned and colored penciled)

18. Creepy Eye (Sketch in pencil)

19. Pink Donut (What can you draw with a CD outline? Markers!)

20. Mystery Drawing! (Scooby Doo cast, looking slightly off! Marker and crayon)

21. Hidden Owl (Sketch in pen)

22. Root Butterfly

23. Glowing Tree

24. Skull Flower

25. Triforce Skyward Sword (outline)

26. Triforce Skyward Sword (color)

27. Trouble Fish Signed Portrait

Sorry it took so long to get these up I came down with a horrible multi-day headache and I could barely look at the computer screen let alone upload or update anything with my slow connection! Hope you like these colored in, late additions (mostly done in January!) Next year I will have a better system for photographing and perhaps have a less hectic start to the year but, that is unlikely! Enjoy :D

28. Colorful Skull Flower

Other Areas:

29. Gold Fishbird (In progress concept art in Sharpie)

30. Wasabi Wii (Sketch in pen on lined notebook paper)

31. Ponytail Maze (Sharpie)

Thanks for checking out my art! I will be working on my drawing, coloring and painting this year in anticipation of illustrating my novel, Flickering Projections! Look for more writing and art coming to BG soon!

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