(Late) Sunday Post: Love

There is a new weekly challenge that was created by Jake at http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com

He made a neat graphic for participants and will offer a new theme every Sunday.

Here’s my first entry, a little bit late but full of love!

I love taking photos of my feet to remind myself where I’ve stood. I love wearing colorful socks (I don’t own white ones) and love to go barefoot!

The first photo is a break in my sidewalk that resembles a heart (notice my colorful socks? They say: Don’t play me!) The second was taken from a chairlift I took on a trip to the Omaha Zoo.

4 thoughts on “(Late) Sunday Post: Love

  1. That concrete heart is perfect. It reminds me of a lot of people I know. . . or perhaps the title of a song “Heart of Stone”. Sorry, first thought to come to mind, but sometimes it’s a cruel world. The photo taken from the lift is an unusual shot. I like your thinking behind the shot, the shadow from the other lift sort of looks like a sandwich, don’t you think?



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