Personal Regret– Never Seeing The White Stripes in Concert

I loved seeing The Dead Weather in Colorado but I’m still torn apart that The White Stripes cancelled their show in Chicago in 2007… That was the first time I had money, time and transportation to go to their concert. I still have the tickets! I was a fan for over ten years when they called it quits last year and I may never see Jack and Meg together on stage. However, Jack continues to put out amazing music and I’m sure Meg is out there, beating on some drums like the badass she is :P Love TWS and love all my followers… subscribers… readers… stalkers… whatever you call yourselves, I adore thee!

I made a video using footage I snapped from The Dead Weather show… Unfortunately, the audio was crap so  I used Three Birds, an awesome instrumental! Unfortunately again (I regret to inform you) Facebook ate my video and YouTube wouldn’t allow such blatant copyright infringement, blast YouTube!

Listen. Learn. Love. If you don’t you’ll surely regret it… Just like I regret the amazing show that could have been… Chicago… Aragon Ballroom… OhThe White Stripes shall always be my favorite band.

These shoes may have met Jack but they are missing some Meg :( Maybe we can remedy that someday and scratch that off our list of regrets… Recently, a friend posted a link about end-of-life regrets that was an eye opener!

I will be making a list of regrets to make sure I cross as many of them off before I disappear!

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