February Photo Leftovers

Here are cupcakes, graveyards, my face… photos I took this month but that didn’t fit into any of the posts so far. Look for these topics and more to be covered again this month… and the next… and the next. You get the picture. I am in this for the long haul. In fact, I am working on developing Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest… blah blah blah. Let me know what services you like to use best. I already have Twitter and don’t really update that much but I have the account linked. I don’t like to link to my personal Facebook but I was toying with creating a “blastedgoat” Facebook. As always, you can find me on YouTube where I will be updating much more often once I purchase a new computer with my tax return!

Onto the scraps ;P

4 thoughts on “February Photo Leftovers

  1. All nice, but the self portrait, the heart cookie cutters (great composition) and “Reach For The Stars”(Even though it kind of creeps me out. Probably because it’s in with all the grave yard photos) are my favorites of the bunch.


    • The Reach For The Stars statue was in the graveyard beside one of the graves and it was creepy to capture but seemed sort of sweet to me. This February was great for photographing! Thanks for all your awesome comments they are very encouraging! I almost wasn’t sure about posting that self portrait… Glad you enjoyed this set :D


    • It’s encouraging to hear nice comments on my work. I’m glad creative bloggers like yourself are showing an interest and giving feedback, it makes capturing these images even more rewarding :)



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