I found this colorful character on a walk behind my mum’s house! I am fascinated with the colors of small bugs… The best part is when creatures like this transform into beautiful flying insects. We live in such a beautiful, colorful world!

Thanks to for weekly inspirational prompts!

15 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Colorful

    • Oh yes, thanks for commenting :D I searched online and was pretty sure it was a Monarch caterpillar but it is nice to know for sure. This shot was just lucky… I was walking in a field because I was waiting for my mom to come home and I just looked down and there he was! Keep trying, they can be elusive haha this guy was just lazy ;P Now butterflies, they are almost impossible!


      • I’m no expert, I had to go back and look at my photos to be sure. The plant was the real give away though. I know that monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed, so I was pretty sure that is what it was.


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