A Heavenly Read Blog Award from BLASTEDGOAT!

I was picniking again before the site shuts down in April. Here is what I made for any of my followers to give out to their favorite blogs :) I know I will be passing out some of these awards I’ve been making because I have been adding new, amazing blogs to my follow list by the day! Thank you WordPress and thank you all my readers, writers and fellow photography nuts!

Several versions were in the cards for this blog award to match your heavenly blog decor. Fear not, many more awards are coming, hopefully you can find the perfect one to let that special blogger know how you feel…

Please link the image of your choice to this page and leave the nominated and awarded blog urls in the comments :D

FYI: Feel free to re-size the images for this award and others if needed as long as they are readable and the link back is correct.

LINK IMAGE TO THIS URL: https://blastedgoat.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/a-heavenly-read-blog-award-from-blastedgoat

THANKS FROM BG. Can’t wait to see some heavenly blogs in the comments!



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