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  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

This is Moo. He reminded me of my long lost Ginger and was one of the cutest and nicest kitties I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. My thoughts are with his owner and the brother (Boo) he left behind… I’ve always had a sore spot for tiger kitties. Moo had sleek fur, a loud […]

Check out the original post for more backyard digital macro shots! Here are my favorites that fit in with the “through” theme. Thanks for looking through my photos :) Stop by again, I’m always clicking! Go see what everyone else is going through…

Happy Spring, everyone! I’m off to play some basketball with friends but I’ll be working on online projects (and finding a job) much faster now that I have a BRAND NEW COMPUTER and my boyfriend got a USED CAR!! OK that last part probably didn’t need capitalized but I’m excited! It makes getting pulled over, […]

I’ve had a busy, yet, fantastic week! I planted seeds and now have sprouts. The above were the first to emerge but I have a few more photos to share in the next few days. We’ve been doing yard work and I wanted a rough before shot so I can compare it to the photos […]


Originally posted on BLASTED GOAT:
This set of my aunt and her family was taken last Easter. Her family is bigger than ours and we do things a little differently. I was happy to get the opportunity to snap this because I love each of them even if our interactions have changed over time. Cousins…

PhotoHunt: Drop


Dropping this one off a little late :)

I am attempting to fit a few extra odds and ends in and inspiration is close at hand with the two Sunday Post prompts I missed!

It’s been one crazy week! I went out of town to visit a friend and got snowed in during a freak March snow storm. Earlier in the week I received notice from the city that a fire safety inspection would occur today between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm (though they didn’t indicate the nature of […]

I enjoyed looking through the archives to come up with this batch of weird shots for this week’s photo challenge! If you want to see what everyone else is coming up with check out the Daily Post! I had many photos that fit this week’s theme so I thought of making another post of them […]


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