Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted


I enjoyed looking through the archives to come up with this batch of weird shots for this week’s photo challenge! If you want to see what everyone else is coming up with check out the Daily Post!

I had many photos that fit this week’s theme so I thought of making another post of them on my photoblog [Photographic Novel] which has been neglected for some time… oops! Many neat things are coming to blastedgoat and other blogs I currently work on and intend to create. I need to find a job and blogging is one activity that is giving me confidence and getting me to come out of my shell… especially regarding self-promotion!

Thank you for looking at my photos and for stopping by my silly-sounding website :)

23 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted”

  1. Nice photos! I like the composition of the last one how the snow creates a white border around the reflections.


    • That was an awesome day of taking pictures… I actually manipulated that one in an editing program, something I rarely do but I’m glad it paid off! Thanks for the comment, it’s helpful for future shots :)


  2. Wonderful photos for this week!


  3. The last photo is lovely!


  4. The distorted mirror is the best one :)


  5. Great entries!They are all a bit surreal!


  6. The last picture is my favorite…..


  7. Nice collection. Really like the colors and texture, and that the cardboard seems to have an eye.

    You can post some of your others at our new “house” too, if you think you’re a match for our photo group! We would welcome your talent. http://brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com

    Best of luck with your job search and other endeavors!


    • Thank you for the kind words. I just stopped by the collective and think it is a wonderful idea. I will keep the project in mind and would love to contribute any piece you deem fitting. I do have Bipolar and come from a family with various mental illnesses. Photography has helped me tremendously. It allows me to focus and overcome anxiety and gives me lots of exercise and positive feedback from awesome bloggers and photographers across the world :D


  8. Some really nice photo’s.. well captured..;)


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