It’s been one crazy week! I went out of town to visit a friend and got snowed in during a freak March snow storm. Earlier in the week I received notice from the city that a fire safety inspection would occur today between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm (though they didn’t indicate the nature of the inspection and the nice old fellow popped over just shy of 10:30)

I’ve also been cleaning and fixing up the house (replacing water faucets, cleaning cat boxes, moving mass amounts of clutter downstairs into storage…) AND as if that isn’t enough I got my taxes just before heading out of town and cashed them upon my return. I already spent most of the money on a food dehydrator, a water purifying faucet attachment and enough supplies to grow a garden much larger than my backyard!

Bloggers have busy lives and yet they strive to create content for the enjoyment and enlightenment of others. I appreciate all the work that is done and the time that is set aside to share their experiences with the world.

It doesn’t matter to me if you draw a picture, shoot a video, snap a photo, or recite a poem, write me a one-liner…a short anecdote…a sprawling short story or even a whole freaking novel (especially in November!)

Here are some badges you can use around your site, especially if you are a follower of blastedgoat or are one of the many talented bloggers I follow… I will also give them out along with other awards I’m working on during an appreciation day or week… For the moment I am trying to figure out the next project I have to tackle!


Thanks to everyone who comments and likes my posts! I’ve missed hanging out on WordPress the past few days and am glad to be back catching up on all your posts :D




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