I’m in the process of revamping my PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL so I can start posting some photo challenge entries there! You will still find the occasional photo on my main blog though! Thanks for reading.


This set of my aunt and her family was taken last Easter. Her family is bigger than ours and we do things a little differently. I was happy to get the opportunity to snap this because I love each of them even if our interactions have changed over time. Cousins grow older and stop idolizing you. Aunts and uncles begin treating you as an adult.

All I can do to try to stop time is walk around with a camera in my hands grasping at those last glimmers of familiarity and fondness. How many summers did we spend growing up together just to go separate ways?

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  1. Great story. The unintended consequences of growing up can be a real kick in the ass can’t they? It’s too bad that sometimes the fond memories are all we have after people grow up and grow apart as people start their own separate lives. People you thought you would be close with forever, all of a sudden 10 years has gone by since you last spoke. Life has a funny way about it.


    • Very true. I suppose as a writer that is the kind of emotional fuel I need. I’m now experiencing the same feelings from photography. I look back at photos from decades ago and relive my life snapshot by snapshot. It makes me strive for perfection in capturing moments. Record keeping is a very human activity and so is photography for that matter… Glad to know we can exchange images and ideas over the internet… Imagine how we will swap photos in the future!



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