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Waterloo was originally known as Prairie Rapids Crossing. The town was established near two Meskwaki American tribal seasonal camps alongside the Cedar River. It was first settled in 1845 when George and Mary Melrose Hanna and their children arrived on the east bank of the Red Cedar River (now just called the Cedar River) DOWNTOWN […]

A toast to all the journeys we take and those we take with us! Togetherness…

This entry is mostly about human nature. How we try to build over and overpower nature and how she fights back and overgrows us. Nature is a powerful idea we cannot block out completely even when we humans try to live outside of it because nature always has a way of creeping back… I mean […]

Catching up on some Sunday Posts this week :) Shadows are impossible without light. Isn’t it funny how nature is full of duality? This photo wasn’t taken or solicited by me… Surely, I would know better than to stand in front of that harsh sunlight wouldn’t I? Good thing Zach snapped this because I like […]

I turned 26 on the 12th. I’ve been busy trying to upgrade my internet and I’ve put in applications all over town. I’ve applied at several restaurants ranging from subs to fine dining, an art supply shop, a copy shop and a gas station.I thought I would share a few photos I missed posting in […]

I will be posting more photos from my birthday party but these fit the weekly photo theme perfectly!

I’m a bit behind on my Sunday Posts so here goes… Two recipes today and a triple set of posts for my photoblog, Photographic Novel later this week to catch up :) I love to cook & eat. Here are a few creations I’ve made and showed others how to make on BG! Cheesy Baked […]

I love dandelions. I want to spray chemicals all over jerks who squirt that horrible crap on their lawns. I let my yard grow long and adore when it’s freckled with fluffy bursts of sunshine that are little more than pesky weeds to some. Hmmf. The nerve! I want to hit up the Digital Dog […]

There’s a band I used to know and this is a show they did once :) I miss their music intensely but am lucky enough to know these people in real life and wish them all the best in their musical and other endeavors. Check them out, I will be posting small bits here and […]


Originally posted on BLASTED GOAT:
As a photographer with OCD I notice arrangements and arrange things frequently. I may continue this series by photographing the everyday things I arrange… I pulled these from the wreckage of my old harddrive :) Go see what others are arranging…


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