I need to catch up on my PhotoHunts and Sunday Posts but thank you for checking out my Weekly Photo Challenge entry! To save a bit of time (to look for employment) I might have to forgo ScriptFrenzy (though a graphic novel is in my mind) but it’s Poem-a-Day month so I’ll be sharing those and as many photos as I can click in the next month. Also, I turn 26 in 10 days!


As a photographer with OCD I notice arrangements and arrange things frequently. I may continue this series by photographing the everyday things I arrange… I pulled these from the wreckage of my old harddrive :)

Go see what others are arranging

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    • Oh yes, he is getting married soon and I’m invited, of course! As for me… Well that story is far from over but I like how it’s turning out! Glad you play catch up on blogs like I do hehe it’s always great to see your comments :)



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