This entry is mostly about human nature. How we try to build over and overpower nature and how she fights back and overgrows us. Nature is a powerful idea we cannot block out completely even when we humans try to live outside of it because nature always has a way of creeping back…

I mean haven’t you ever seen Life After People? Amazing show that illustrates that there is so much more to life than what humans create, though we do create many wonderful things (as shown in the series above) I walked around my hometown (Waterloo, Iowa) snapping photos of our historic downtown area. As you can see we have old and new mixed, art and function, commerce and residence, and man made versus mother nature! I am particularly fond of mossy and vine covered buildings and the natural artwork that adorns the oldest structures.

Tell me what your favorite shot is or maybe a little bit about where you live… is it nearly natural or completely constructed?

9 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Nature

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  2. Yes, we’re very inventive – quite extraordinary – creatures really, but we sure do deface our environment, as your series so amply shows. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that my fav is the reflections of ‘nature’ in the puddle by the bench – a little streetscaping intrusion complete with faux nature. Here where I’m living (in Sri Lanka) nature’s fully armed to reclaim – I’ve seen houses completely reclaimed after less than a decade. Marvellous.


    • Glad you offered your thoughts on this subject. I agree we have a terrible habit of defacing our environment. It really bothers me and I feel it’s important to show the damage and discuss how we might change it :) The photo you mentioned is one of my favorites as well :) I love trees and reflections! People tend to build and rebuild when nature claims what is hers. I’ve seen it myself with tornadoes and floods. Nature is truly amazing if not terrifying!


  3. Great pictures. It is nice to see that nature comes back and prevails in these older communities. I live in a newish area where they are still tearing away at nature to put in cement. I guess in 10,20,50 years or so nature will have her way here too. In the meantime, I try to do all I can.
    This is a great post you have today.



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