Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks Miles!

I would like to THANK Miles of Toast A Day for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Be sure to stop by Toast A Day and her other blogs. She has a few more as well, depending what you are into.

Now to divulge seven random facts about me…

1. This is my second blogging award but I was just as surprised and pleased when it happened to me a second time. I’ve been creating awards for my followers in appreciation of the increased interest, blog traffic, and comments I’ve been getting. Check under the “awards” category to find them.

2. I’m fond of writing and reciting poetry. BLASTEDGOAT is also my YouTube username…

3. I don’t claim to be great but I have a style that evolved over time. I’ve been uploading original videos to YouTube since its infancy in 2006.

4. I love Jack White’s new album. Look for a review coming soon!

5. I secretly wish to be a musician or singer. I’m attempting to learn drums but my little YouTube videos will suffice if I never make it big…

6. Yes, I think Meg White is a good drummer. However, Jack White is a great drummer and he is my inspiration, though I would be lucky to play as well as Meg :)

7. Hmm. Seven. I love this number. I always try to get in this line at the grocery store. I am a little superstitious I suppose, but in unexpected, fun ways (for me!) I like black cats, pick up lucky pennies (leaving the unlucky) and I have been known to wish upon a star…

AND now for what you’ve all been waiting for… Fifteen blogs that are amazing in their design, concept and overall content. These are the most versatile and interesting reads I have come across lately but by no means is this list definitive. I enjoy and add new blogs daily and would like to help out those who might not get as much credit.

Note: I had this post all ready to go with a list of 15 great blogs and when I changed over to my new computer that document was lost in the shuffle. My apologies for the delay and to any blogs I forgot. Hopefully, I will be able to find that list and amend this entry!


  1. [Lovely and detailed macro shots of various subjects]
  2. [Many interesting posts about life and travel with great photos]
  3. [Breathtaking photography of real people and unforgettable places]
  4. [Addicted to these amazing images]
  5. [Cool photos of a family having fun]
  6. [Amazing infographics that are artistic and extremely helpful in the kitchen]
  7. [Interesting photos from a blog named for Beatles lyrics no need to say more]
  8. [Unique photography and neat paintings with an adorable purple-nosed mascot]
  9. [Creative and alluring photos of people I’ve never met]
  10. [A blog I always enjoy peeking at with a great design and interesting content]

& as for the last five…

These are bloggers I admire that already won the Versatile Blogger Award (that I could tell) but I decided I could cheat since I should have posted this award months ago when I was nominated.

These are great blogs who are at least doubly qualified as versatile. Thanks for taking the time to check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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