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Learning and playing at as suggested by a fellow blogger earlier in the week. Many more to come… this one stars my adorable grey kittens Wasabi and Kikkoman :) I am attending a wedding later today and intend on geeking out later this weekend with my camera and computer (day off Sunday!)

Originally posted on mande green gallery:
blastedgoat:A new gallery I’m in the process of designing for my many creative projects. Some old things will be borrowed from my current blogs and new exclusive content is on the horizon! Originally posted on mande green gallery: View original

Some dreamy images from my computer’s memory bank for you to enjoy :) New garden photos and rants coming soon. Oh my yes!  

Thanks for dropping in… There’s plenty in bloom and ready to share in the days to come! I also have a few videos in the works and as always whatever is on my mind or ends up in front of my camera! ♥ BLASTEDGOAT

I’ve been working, oh my readers! Working at work and working at home. I lost my inter-web access last week and hence no updates… But now I’m back and have so much to tell and show you :) Here are some flowers, in case you were angry. If you weren’t angry then they are just […]


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