The Daily Grind? Nay, Vacation Time!

It’s been on my mind… the last time I blogged. I feel like I’m shuffling into confession, fingers nervously grazing keys, afraid of striking a wrong chord. Everything in my life is about to change. For about a week. I’m going on vacation!


I worry for plant and pet but I must move onward a state or so in order to gain perspective, relaxation and even complementary breakfast! I promise to do another small update before I leave because a million other things are happening as well and I’ve missed you all :)

I leave for Michigan and surrounding areas on Tuesday. My last substantial trip out of town was to Colorado two years ago to see the amazing Jack White and visit family. My niece just came and visited and is already a blue-haired teenager with plans of traveling to Peru! This prompted me to devote more attention to gaining new experiences beyond my backyard. I’m going to the Great Lakes with my long term boyfriend and his newly divorced dad. The trip is sure to be worth taking some time off of work and the daily grind. I can’t wait to get away for a few days and familiarize myself with folks I’ve never met and spots I’ve never been!

I’ll be sure to pack my camera!

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