Poetic, Photo-etic Rant #1

(Above: Playing dress-up for Hallow’s Eve)


Amusement Ride

She keeps dates with old haunts.

Curious, questionable! Not to mention strange…

When recognition comes only with ever-constant change.

Acquaintances slip little nickels into its empty slots.


(Above: An inherited potpourri holder)



I want a chance to tell you how I really feel.

Or how I would really feel—

Pushed against the backseat of your car—

Crying into your shoulders—

But snap my neck before idle fantasy goes too far.

I could never last until after ending credits

Could never fit the prescription you’d prefer.

Much too old to start learning new ways

of getting attention across a sea of strangers.

Faces seem sad from far away but only tired up close

Because when I enter a room

I notice you watch.


(Above: Wild white flower picked and placed near a rusty nail in my front garden)


Just some things that have never fit in a place I can remember and keep track of. I feel this blog is for sharing, call it my intimate secretary :)

Though growth seems at a standstill and things are dying off for winter I know even bigger and better fruits are yet to come and when they do… I’ll probably take some pictures of them!

(Above: Me sporting my HP gear like the shameless 26-year-old nerd I be)


Wish list in off-the-top-o-my-head song version!

All I want is a clicky-click (fancy camera) to be a really cool chick…

Perhaps, a new shade for my hair? Jeans size 16 (a few pair)

An abundance of colorful socks for every occasion, including the handful of nights

spent nibbling with friends, sipping and smoking this year to an end…


(Above: Gold painted wooden time turner and Harry Potter book trunk)

I want to finish my novella because now more than ever I need a magical world all my own… For now, I can borrow that magic from others to keep me going toward my goal. J.K. Rowling was a single mum when she penned Potter and I’m a minimum-wage fetching uni grad. How magically wicked would it be if next year at this time I have a finished copy of my first full-length work in hand? Oh, it would be most deliciously so! MAKE IT HAPPEN!




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