Sick Kitties, Poetry Contests and Upcoming Holidays!

So I have a sick Wasabi again :( I am taking care of her and business. I am working all the time but I still managed to enter the 2nd Annual Free Nyki Poetry Contest. I discovered her blog today and it is eye-opening in its blunt honesty and amazingly written by a talented young woman who was wrongfully imprisoned for murder. If you are interested in her story please visit her blog: This Wall is Not Infallible.

I will tell you (and post again) the poems I entered once everything is all said and done. I plan on entering a few more contests and perhaps starting to work on submissions for journals. My goal is to write a series of prompts to elicit the novel re-write process. I have come to several conclusions about my book:

  1. It should be fairly short, only several chapters long
  2. Only several chapters long means making a brief synopsis, I need to simplify that plot!
  3. I should include full page chapter illustrations and in-chapter mini sketches (several per chapter) where needed or wanted
  4. For a graphic novel feel signs and such shall be sketched and maps/manuals mocked up and included in the back or as the story progresses to clarify or enhance a scene or idea
  5. Main characters are key! Who do we see each character and how do they see themselves? How well do we know them and HOW do we know them? Do we get inner thoughts and feelings or simply physical indicators? (Point of view!)
  6. Choose a writing style (tense, tone, diction) and stick to it!
  7. I need to make time to make this happen and make sure to include necessary elements while preening my prose into the most beautiful and thought-provoking package possible!

There’s more, shit-tons more but I won’t bore you with my incessant love for list-making…

That’s why I’m taking a holiday from certain things (still have to make that list) in order to accomplish my writing goals. I want more than one day off a week for starters and I’m trying to simplify my home life to make more time for my book and my friends. With winter coming on strong I will have plenty of time to sit inside and think about my various lives both real and fictional. I want my first novel to be an expression that goes beyond my immediate experience to a place I can only imagine might exist in the future. I have had the contents of this novella weighing on my mind for such a long time, years now.

SO, after a nice, tasty Thanksgiving dinner I shall settle in and finish my prompts so I may begin December 1 to re-write, Flickering Projections!

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