This Year is Flying By…

I snapped this Thanksgiving afternoon outside the restaurant we ate at (for the second of three Thanksgiving meals I’ve attended thus far) I’m saving up for my camera but thought I’d try getting a few more decent snaps out of my old trusty Powershot!

I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping (I did have to work so I purchased a hot chocolate and a doughnut from the gas station across from work but I did take the bus instead of driving to avoid the insanity. I even saw two women dashing into a Younkers. A freaking Younkers!)

I will be starting on the handmade and locally procured holiday gifts soon, right after I help make a banquet for my work buddies, a “Jimmy John’s Thanksgiving”… in December!

I’m full o’ thanks for many things but mostly for my job. I was unemployed a whole year until I got my job at the end of April and though I’ve been too busy to blog as much as I’d like I have been making friends and gaining more perspective and opportunities to expand my work. Thanks for following me or even just dropping by, It means a lot to me!



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