Snowfall, Finished Fudge… We’re Still Here!

We made it through the storm (over a foot of snow!) and I made tons of tasty fudge! Sadly, the quality of my photos is not improved as I still don’t have my new camera…


Snuggle in. Drink up. Laugh when the mood strikes. Don’t count how many pieces of fudge you’ve had so far… Some thought the end of the world was upon us but that’s not such a bad thing. I’ve gone out of my way to think of people and pets I love.

This afternoon (after sleeping in and feeding the felines) I enjoyed a refreshing shower during which I pondered the wonderful aspects of my life. For instance, In my life I’ve used many different showers. Some of them were in apartments I rented or in the homes of parents and loved ones. Some were exotic, in hotel rooms states away or even outside where I rinsed gritty sand from between my toes and the smell of lake out of my hair. I’ve been showering on this planet for twenty-six years and most of those days I’ve had access to hot water and clean clothes.

I’ve cooked and eaten amazing meals and have even been waited on by gracious and hardworking servers. My mother taught me how to make homemade egg noodles on our kitchen counter as a child. Those are the best noodles that will ever exist, I know this for a fact even if I haven’t tasted them in over ten years. A sense of childhood lingers in the back of my mind and nothing takes me back faster than the sweetness of the cream cheese icing on my grandma’s pumpkin bars or the smell of burning leaves in cold, heavy air.

I’m a third generation left-handed baker on the verge of being a neurotic pack-rat of cameras, art supplies and half-remembered recipes. I’m glad I’m alive and the fact that I get to share bits and pieces with all of you just makes this life even sweeter!



2 thoughts on “Snowfall, Finished Fudge… We’re Still Here!

  1. enjoyed this. made me think of all the places i have been and lived, and most of them had running water and hot showers. a good reminder that i am more blessed than i know.
    happy ho ho ho & merry merry. hope you have a great Christmas.



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