A Long Time Coming…

Here it is. This is my resolution. Not for the mere New Year but for forever, a life resolution.

  • Finish things I start.
  • Tell my honest feelings.
  • Do more of what I want to do.

Sounds simple…

I started redesigning my photography portfolio long ago and I thought I would ask your advice. I changed it from another layout so I’m not set on that or on the background but I like the idea of having a visual representation of the posts and I enjoy the few posts I’ve put there so far.


BAM finish something I started… I’m also dabbling in video production and gardening and plan to take in a fair bit of music and nice scenery in 2013 so I’ll have plenty to keep this beast going! blastedgoat has been a WordPress blog since 2008! The first years are sketchy but there are a few gems in there. I tackled Post-a-Day and nearly made it everyday and I made Post-a-Week a success last year! I suppose in some ways I do finish what I start or try to but it just never seems to end!

I tell you all how I feel from time to time but in real life I’m starting to feel a bit like an old rug. No more. I’m still going to be the nice and lovable me but I won’t get so worn down with all the stress of feeling like a mum (having a mentally ill parent, living with three guys and two cats!) Henceforth I am splurging on delicious smelling candles for natural light and pleasant surroundings (daily) and as often as possible amazing morning stretches / driving jam sessions!

I think that’s good progress for just over two weeks in :)

Tell me in the comments the kind of photos/videos you want to see at mande green gallery once I get my new eyeglass/snapper/looking lens (camera!)

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