Old Haunts

Now that I’ve got my new eye (a very affordable Canon Powershot SX150) I need to take a trip to all the places I love to photograph. All winter long I’ve been stuck inside, dreaming of planting and hiking and it’s about that time! I took these photos just over a year ago…


I would have lost them forever (this folder is stuck on my old computer which is collecting dust on the basement floor) I got these from my flickr photostream! I would have been sad to lose this series but I can always visit again to see how the views have changed :)


We all have our old haunts… Over time they become a ritual. I find myself visiting this cemetery over and over throughout my life but I am fond of graves and monuments in general. I suppose I like to reflect on life and honor those who came before me. From birth to death I am fascinated by this world.

I can’t wait to start taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

Tell me, what is your favorite place/subject to photograph?

7 thoughts on “Old Haunts

  1. My favourite subject is things transport related – but most especially railways. I too have recently returned to that subject in depth, so the ritual of choosing where to go on my day off has returned :-)


    • I love railways. I grew up by one and love the compositions you can achieve. I’m always looking for new ideas for photo shoots and I live in a town rich in railway history so I should pursue that (perhaps when the snow clears) Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. Nature, landscape, and wildlife of course :-)

    Now what’s this “stuck inside dreaming about hiking,” silliness all about? Winter is an awesome time to hike! Everything you normally have to clamber over or around is covered with snow and you can walk over it. It’s an awesome time to be hiking.


    • That’s true! I do enjoy a nice winter walk from time to time but iIt’s really nice when I don’t freeze my toes ;P I need to break out my boots and enjoy this last sprinkling of snow I think!



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