Visitation (Snow Angels at Fairview Cemetery)

Make that re-visitation. I wandered through the cemetery today (through the piles of snow) I figured I better get some shots before the next round of storms hits Monday. I made two amazing discoveries today.

At the bottom of one of my favorite statues I found this odd little thing I never noticed before, a snake with fruit in its mouth. I was astounded I never saw it but I always remember hearing that sometimes you don’t see something until you’re ready to see it.

snake fruit foot statue

Well, my eyes were certainly open this afternoon when I happened upon yet another undiscovered gem.

resting angel

It was so unexpected and so lovely that I lost my breath for a moment. My batteries were running low at this point so I decided to go home and try another day. I will also be visiting local places of interest as my schedule allows and I have a few small gigs lined up for this spring and summer.

Check out the rest of the photos from my little snowy stroll…

10 thoughts on “Visitation (Snow Angels at Fairview Cemetery)

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  2. Nice collection of images. Snow makes for a peaceful shroud :-)

    It’s true, we only see things when we are ready to see them – though I suspect that the author of that phrase was referring to the growth of understanding rather than the visual. Perhaps we look more closely as we develop our understanding?


    • I think that must be it. I am suddenly becoming aware of things I always took advantage of so perhaps wisdom makes us think differently and literally see the world in a different way. Your comments got me thinking… :)


    • I’ve always been fascinated by this cemetery and gravestones in general. I’m glad to memorialize the lives of people who lived in my area. I’m happy others see the beauty I’ve always been drawn to. Thank you for your kind comments!


  3. The serpent and the apple are likely a reference to the biblical depiction of the story of the Garden of Eden where Satan (serpent) offers Eve the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (apple). Considering that the foot of the statue is stepping on it, this might represent a conquering of the devil, or of original sin. Your cemetery photos in snow are beautiful.



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