Time to Turn Twenty-Seven

In a few weeks I will turn 23…4…5…6…7… Yes, 27! I’m not ashamed to admit my age I look better than ever and have many lovely friends and adoring relatives (I hope)

your humble narrator in a tiny hat

What am I going to do with myself? Welp. I think I’ll start by writing some poems for NAPOWRIMO, then I have some weddings to photograph, a garden to plant, yard sales to coordinate and if my life wasn’t full enough I just discovered the best internet invention since… Well, it’s been a while! I’m here to tell you that the FUTURE is NOW! You can search Creative Commons images (from Flickr) by color!

Multicolr Search Lab powered by MulticolorEngine

Have fun, and happy early birthday to ME!

I think I might do a small challenge with this… Perhaps pick the colors I feel a certain day and use images that match to create a poem or story. It is so inspiring to see such pleasing sights. Thank you internet, thank you!

If you use this search engine and get addicted like I instantly was feel free to share your experience in the comments!

Also, anyone else doing National Poetry Writing Month? I’ve been slacking… I hear it’s also ScriptFrenzy so I’m a little torn… Maybe I’ll just sit down to write or draw each day in April and let my creative impulses decide. Either way I shall share my triumphs and failures via this blasted blog… Wish me luck!

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