Following the Goats

I’ve always been this way, a little weird and slightly socially inept. I’m a wee bit like a goat. Since I was a kid, har har, I knew I’d have to make it my own way…

Something I said or snapped must have made you think to follow me at some point because here we are, 200 followers in!

I started this blog years ago in college for old assignments (a handy flash drive) but it became so much more. I’ve made other blogs. I’ve filled them all with photos and ideas.

This blog is still my baby. I named it after myself. I deemed myself “Blasted Goat” after scribbling out pages upon pages of rejected usernames. I’m not exactly sure how I thought it up but it holds deep meaning for me. A name I gave myself…




5 thoughts on “Following the Goats

  1. I had lots of goats (and pigs and cows and horses and chickens) when I was young, but until I started going to the San Diego Zoo and the Children’s Petting Zoo therein, I forgot just how much I really like goats.


  2. Well said. Glad too that you did not choose “blastedsheep” for we all might have seemed mindless as followers. This way I can say, “I meant to do that!”


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