Iowa State Fair

This year was my first time visiting the Iowa State Fair. It is a longstanding tradition and I was happy to be invited to Des Moines with friends. I didn’t have much money (I bummed the $11 admittance fee, was offered a few “extreme fries” and free honey lemonade from my friends and coughed up a quarter for a goat button supporting Heifer International)

I came away delirious from fair smells with a memory card full of photographs!

blue sky lightkiddy zoo      sightstoysturtlespepsi plateswind power            Discovery Gardenenter the rabbit hole...ponderingcoy koililly pad pondsundown at the fairribbonsyummy grapesapples, Dorothy!award winning produceout of my gourdcorn, of courseoh honey! sleepy sheep blasted goat at Iowa State Fair!

Look for more posts soon. I’ve been in the garden all day and blended a few unique salsas to share :)

2 thoughts on “Iowa State Fair

  1. Hello- Thanks for stopping by Fictional Machines! I really like what I’m seeing over here- I actually am not too far from Iowa [Currently working out of a studio in Lincoln]. Anyway, have a great weekend over there!


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