5 years and 15,000 views

Just think, in 2008 I was still in college and looking for a place to back up all those tedious writing assignments. Flash drives and failed computers sent me on a quest to start an educational blog.

It was a rocky start. Seriously, take a look! I’ve gone through and cleaned up some grammar in places (certainly not all the places!) but I figured it would be fun to leave those silly posts to see how I started and how far I could go.

It became so much more than that! I began writing reviews and posting my college papers (on various topics including early American film, Emily Dickinson, and my most viewed post of all time about a little cancelled television show Freaks and Geeks.

I started making YouTube videos in 2006 but my style was sporadic. I’ve done everything from cliche poetry videos to experimental films. I like to create beauty from everyday life be it my wonderful tabby cat who was the star of many a video and who is no longer among us or the ever-changing attire of Iowa seasons. Soon, I began to notice and take part in more community events and travel beyond my computer screen ;)

It has been a wondrous experience and my blog has certainly changed. I know the time to write is approaching (my best poetry and prose happens in the chilly months) but I love the contrast this gives my posts. My visitors can take a quick look in my garden in the summer and read my deep dark thoughts in the dead of winter.

Check out this selection from the pages of blastedgoat and let me know what kind of things you want to see in 2014 and beyond…


Everything I Grew In 2013

Capturing Summer

Death of a Rollerdrome

Visitation (Snow Angels at Fairview Cemetery)

Green Grasshopper (macro)

Skeleton Leaves, Green Winged Creature… (macro)


The Golden Afternoon

What Have I Lost?

In Dream

Capturing Parallels

Her Stormy Eyes

media inspired

Edward Scissorhands Poetry (inspired by music from the Tim Burton classic)

Farewell, Harry Potter (just before the last Harry Potter film came out)

Music Videos 101 (Essay on the likes of Nirvana, Marcy Playground, NIN & No Doubt)

Too Much Media (Female Identities in Pop Music, from Patsy Cline to t.A.T.u.)


Saw Her in a Dream (autobiographical)

The Dead Winter (autobiographical)

school work

Graphic Illustration (graphic design essay written after seeing a Ralph Steadman)

Unconventional Victorian Poets (Final essay for Victorian Literature)

photographic novel

More photos can be found here–photographic novel and mande green gallery

Creative writing here–monochromejadethoughtsdreamwrathfully

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