Venturing into the Snow Globe

Last night it snowed. I peeked out the window before I hit the hay. It was well after midnight when I said goodnight. I was attempting to relieve the terrible headache that began to plague me late yesterday evening.

I’m awake and somehow writing a blog when I should be getting ready for work. Don’t worry I’ll get there soon enough.

Besides the extreme cold and the fact that I forgot my boots at work I look forward to digging out the car, taking in the sharp air and feeling the car heater warm numb fingers.

Summer is long gone but I have all winter to make plans for the next one and reflect on all that happened that year. It’s nearly time to order seeds for the garden and handcraft small gifts for the people I love the most.

I don’t look forward to the icy roads, terrible drivers or disgusting acts of consumerism but I do begin to examine the life I’m creating.

I must create it every single day because otherwise I’m just uncovering my car and driving to a 9 to 5. Not that I’m unhappy with my job (though I am sometimes) but I need to do so much more than that if I ever want my dream of being a successful writer to come true. I don’t want or need to be a household name. The kind comments I have gotten from stranger, friend and curious acquaintance are fantastic. I would like to see the finished products in my hands. I already have this blog to hold for as long as WordPress extends its servers to me. I have so many ghosts haunting the internet and I hope that this place never becomes one of those places.

If you will keep listening, I’ll keep going.


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