Juxtaposing Nature


I love interesting and unexpected photos!

unexpected visitorbridge in the big woods snow in the grass ant life

What did everyone else put together?

12 Responses to “Juxtaposing Nature”

  1. I like these very much. And your I love barefoot in the grass photo!


  2. A lovely series!


  3. Very nice. Did you redesign?


    • I can never decide how I want things arranged. Blast this incessant OCD ;) It does help to make sure I get the shots I want. That and stubbornness. Thank you for noticing!


      • It also helps having so many blogs, that way I don’t have to commit to one way of doing things! Too many interests, so little time…


  4. I love the bridge photo and the last one, very amazing… :) Btw., you are my 100th follower, and although I can’t mention that on my blog because it is unfair to other amazing people following me, I want to thank you for that. :)


  5. Excellent pics!


  6. Your pics looks good! All bright and nice *^–^*



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