Staying Busy, As Not To Be Lonely…

My love is gone for a few days to visit family in a beautiful part of the country. Though I get to go with him at the end of the summer with my work schedule it wasn’t possible to go this time. I’m sad I won’t be seeing any mountains any time soon but I’m keeping busy picking up my house and garden.

I have many things planted and I’m sure there will be even more done by the time he gets back!

I hope to have lots of beautiful produce and plants to sell in my local Farmer’s Market. So far, I haven’t made much but considering I’ve only sold catnip that grows behind my house and cilantro that popped up all by itself I’m off to a good start.

Here are some snaps of the garden to get us all through until my love (who has my camera) comes home:

Much love to you all! I hope you are not as lonely as I will be this week but you know what they say about distance and the heart. So far it seems to be true and it has honestly only been a few hours… Kind of sad on my part I suppose! If you do happen to get lonely why not strike up some conversation in my comments section or maybe even catch up with some loose ends of your own?


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