A Year Living in a Strange Town

Dubuque is only an hour and a half from where I grew up but still, it seems so different. We have been here over a year now and though I don’t have a car and bike all over town I still have time to pop on WordPress now and again. I travel all over the world by following lovely blogs made by people living or traveling to these magical places. My boyfriend (of ten years) and I have decided to move to Colorado and begin planning our dream trips which include but are not limited to: Japan, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Harry Potter World *lol* I don’t know who is more excited for that trip… The point is that this first year has been the test to see if I could even leave home and we made it. I’ve been lonely but I stay busy. I also get support from anyone who comments on, likes or follows my blog!

I shared this comment on Facebook last week that I received on an essay I wrote in college (many years ago!) I thought I should share it here:

I end my night with this amazing comment I received on my blog today. Things like this are what keep me writing and sharing even when it seems no one is listening: “I finished watching [Freaks and Geeks] on Netflix just yesterday and this morning found your post (you started following me). I’m not done reading all the comments but I will tell you that this show and your commentary have helped me learn more about my own son than anything ever before… (He’s 44 and I am 68.) This was his favorite TV show and he shares your opinions. It’s been an amazing connection to share the show with him, even at this late date. Thanks and I am sending him this article…”

I hope this person won’t mind me using parts of their comment. I’m a shy person sometimes and don’t always get to express myself. That’s what I use my blog to do. Many times I speak in photos but other times words help the story as well. I always appreciate kind words and I love giving them to others. Even a nice “hello” or “good morning” can make a stranger feel less alone in a strange new town…


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