The Long Winter

The last year spent in a strange town was difficult to describe until I took a step back and came home. I spoke mostly in photos and mostly to strangers. I left many of my family members and friends behind. Now that I’m home I realize the space between us was always there, the distance just allowed it to grow.

I’m better at growing plants than relationships. I can keep a few precious ones close to my heart but others shrivel out in the long winter. I regret those I’ve lost but I suppose each encounter teaches me something about life.

If we find ourselves lost over the years, the good news is, that we can get that spark back!

I’ve left this blog for months at a time and yet I always come back when I learn something I need to share or have a folder bursting with photos of adventures to share.

Thank you for reading BLASTED GOAT in 2017 (and before… and beyond!)

P.S. These are the last photos I took at our old apartment. Goodbye (for now) Dubuque!



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